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Being a counselling psychologist and life coach, I have helped working professionals, parents, children and millennials in overcoming their mental health issues.


I facilitate the process of counselling through various modes of therapy, designed subjectively in my sessions, to empower you. As a practitioner of Inner Engineering, Reiki, Vipassana Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and Pranayama Yoga, I employ a holistic approach, combining science and spirituality to deal with the disorders of mind and behaviour.

Our perception of realities are the roots of our tree of life which will reap fruits of either grief or joy

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  • Testimonial

    His holistic way of counselling, a mixture of breathing exercises, creative ways of taming my mind and work sheets for self evaluation to overcome my anxiety issues, in time, have phenomenally helped me.


  • Testimonial

    He is a genius in his passion for empowering me to overcome my depression that had troubled me for long.


  • Testimonial

    After suffering from years of acute anxiety, he has facilitated to eliminate the word “anxiety” from my system. Just a few sessions with him have transformed my unrealistic perceptions of myself and world around me.


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