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Counselling to me is the art of using science and spirituality to subjectively understand, diagnose and fix the distortions of human thoughts, emotions and behaviours

In my passion as a counselling psychologist and life coach, I am here to facilitate anyone who wants to overcome their psychological and behavioural problems and to empower you for your future well being.

I am certified in the following tools of knowledge :

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Transactional Analysis.

Robert Carkhuff model of Counselling.

Art Therapy.

Anger management.

Creative Writing for Self Analysis.

Dermatoglyphics Counselling.


I am also a Franchisee and certified counsellor of DMIT technology by “Brain Wonders” (India’s only company with U.S.A. patented DMIT technology of brain analysis report).

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Visit: www.brainwonders.in

Your first two steps of acceptance and willingness, to work on a problem, is a first big leap in the process of sorting your psychological and behavioral distortion.

Reach out to me for





Domestic abuse and violence.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Low Self Esteem


Emotional Imbalances

Relationship problems

Break-up Blues

Marital Problems

Couples Counselling

Divorce Counselling



Career Counselling

Lack of Job Satisfaction

Work Stress

Dealing with tough boss

Parenting problems

Child counselling

 “Rent-a-friend” for Lonely Senior Citizens

Time spent with lonely old people to satisfy their need for companionship


1st session–minimum of 30 minutes- Rs.1000

Every session after the first is at least of 30 minutes with a minimum charge of Rs.1000 per session.

“Rent-a-friend” for Senior Citizens – Minimum time of one hour spent is Rs.2000


  • Session timings are strictly followed by the minute.
  • Time of each session is decided with mutual consent while fixing the appointment for the forthcoming session.
  • Payment is to be confirmed before the start of a session.
  • All personal details shared by a client during counselling sessions are kept strictly confidential with me. The information shall only be disclosed when there is a serious threat to one’s life or property, threat to any other living being, threat to the environment or threat to state or country.

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